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In the outskirts of Portland, Oregon; I exist (obligatory link to my unauthorized non-auto-biography).  I am mostly just this Unix nerd that works, takes care of the family, house, pets, etc.  And occasionally gets to play some games.

You can find me playing Wiccat online in various places: Steam, GoG, BattleNet (d3/wow/HS), etc. (I am even known to still lurk on a couple of MUDs).  I am still (kinda) playing World of Warcraft these days, as are my wife and daughter. We play Alliance characters on Shadowsong, and Horde characters on Winterhoof.  If you want to hook up to play something - hit the contact link below.

These pages are basically an exercise in Chaos Theory. Mostly because you never know what you might find on them (as I am always tweaking). If you have any questions, comments, or problems with these pages, feel free to contact me.

=- Blessed Be! -=


stir-fried random: n.

   (alt.: stir-fried mumble) Term used for the best dish of many of those
   hackers who can cook. Consists of random fresh veggies and meat wokked
   with random spices. Tasty and economical. See random, great-wall, ravs,
   laser chicken, oriental food; see also mumble.