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Haunted by an credit-thief deadbeat

Just bloody wonderful. This is getting old real quick.
Apparently one of my ex-wife's ex-husbands has been slutting around my phone/SSN to various "loan & finance" companies under his name, and now I just got the beginning of a second series of call to the house (from a different company than before) looking to collect on his debts. Explaining to them that, while yes that is my phone/SSN, it was fraudulently provided by him and I do not live anywhere near their states of operation and am not involved with him in any fashion (especially not financially).

Updated jf2cookie script

Not really a big deal, but I have updated my jf2cookie script to properly parse some site/content updates on ESR's Jargon File site, and produce a slightly more organized fortune file out of it.   I also cleaned up the code a bit to reflect shell scripting tricks I have learned along the way (awk FTW).

The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net - Or - I saw a man who wasn't there ...


This article really got me to thinking. Borrowing from a common fictional trope (anyone who reads Charles de Lint know's exactly where I'm going with this), how likely is it that there are things we "see" and "fix" in our audio/visual processing - that perhaps don't actually map to what's "really" there?  Am I really sure that was a cat that went zooming through my backyard?  Or was it perhaps something that just "looked" like a cat after my brain got done fitting it into a nice recognizable catagory?


Comics pages updated, big batch to evaluate!


Added some new permanent comics added to the index.  I've also dropped a couple (i.e. Shortpacked, lost interest - storyline is a hopeless mess and it's obvious Willis is just phoning this one in) and shifted others to more appropriate pages (RuneWriters is on hiatus for the year Cry).

WebComic Page Updates


Smaller update this time. Migrated some comics from Evaluating (dropped one), and one "the End" skipped the Eval "process", and went right to a regular page.

Heart-Shaped Skull is adorable - I backed the book Kickstarter.  The End's got an interestingly distinctive style - and the storline has me hooked.  Battlepug has an interesting storyline - art's good - a bit more comic-booky than I usually read, but hey.  It's a pity Subnormality doesn't update more often, but totally worth checking out.  The current page is damn-near short story content-wise.


Comix pages updated

Added/moved comics to the following pages (actually did this over the last weekend, just getting around to posting about it now):

Doctoring Strange Words ....


How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog.


All the animals come out at night ...

Zombies, Skellingtons, Spiders, Creepers, sick venal. 
This day a real rain has come to wash all the scum off the worlds.

What was lost is found ...

So, I've had this Leatherman® Super Tool® for roughly 20 years now. It was a present from my parents one Yule, as a replacement for a smaller older tool that had been destroyed (don't ask - that's a very long weird story for another day).

Wireless Foo

 So my daughter has a shiny new laptop with a built-in 802.11a/b/g/n wireless card, and it's the first wireless device in the house.  This post is just me trying to keep track of advice/research on how to hook this thing into my existing home network without compromising it, and still giving her the speed/perfornace she needs.



   1. v.,n. Synonym for BLT, used esp. for large data sends over a network
   or comm line. Opposite of snarf. Usage: uncommon. The variant `blat'
   has been reported.

   2. vt. [HP/Apollo] Synonymous with nuke (sense 3). Sometimes the
   message Unable to kill all processes. Blast them (y/n)? would appear in
   the command window upon logout.

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