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Who -IS- this clown?

Who am I?

Me at my deskA picture of me at my desk at Providence in Jan 2015. Yes, the beard has gotten quite a lot more salt in it now.

Name: Kevin Brott
Age: 50+
Born: Gemini
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn (Red-Brown)
Height: 168. cm (5'6")
Weight: 102.1 kg (225#) (Desk Job *le sigh*) :P
PGP Key: Here


Some of The Story Thus Far...

Very briefly: Born in San Diego, California, USA. Actually raised in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Graduated North Eugene High School in 1980, spent one regrettably altered year attending the University of Oregon in Eugene, and ended up joining the U.S. Air Force in September of 1981.

Did tours of duty in Myrtle Beach AFB, SC (got married - had two daughters); Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA; Osan AFB, Republic of Korea (unaccompanied tour - divorced after getting back and finding I'd been replaced with a younger model); & Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA (married again - picked the right woman this time - one daughter).

After I separated from the USAF in January of 1991, I hired on at Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, OR (in May) as a part-time temporary replacement for their previous minicomputer operator, and eventually got hired on as the permanent full-time operator / support technician, eventually adding "WebBuilder" to my rack of CCC "hats". Eventually, I left the college due to a difference of opinions in April 1995 (and got paid a seriously hefty sum to not discuss the details).

I did some temping around - mostly at Providence Health System as a Help-Desk technician from May to August of 1995.

Then I went to work for Stream International, doing high-level telephone and email technical support for Netscape client and server software packages for a year.

From 30 Sep 1996 to 28 Jan 2005 I was working for Electric Lightwave, Inc., in the Data Network Unix Systems Administration group as the senior admin. Predominantly I'd been doing research, development, implementation of ELI's Usenet News, Hostmaster / DNS-support, Oracle and Sybase DBA System Support groups, along with managing a growing farm of Sun and HP Unix servers and workstations running Solaris and HP-UX operating systems. I also administered and monitored ELI's clutch of data-city Firewalls; and other related Layer-3+; SysAdmin/BoFH tasks. I also acted as technical consultant/lead for ELI's Security/Abuse Response Team.

Finally getting sick of the uncertain telecom market, the brain-dead ELI management, doing three uncompensated FTE's of work a week, and the inevitable sale of the company, I finally left ELI for greener/saner pastures. So as of 31 January 2005, I work for Providence Health & Services as a full-time Unix Systems Engineer, part of a team of folks managing a variety of AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and IBM i servers; supporting the various hospitals, clinics, and research facilities operated/supported by PHS.


Some Personal Flavouring

I'm hand-fasted (read: married) to a wonderful lady named Robyn Moore, whom I live with in Gresham, Oregon. Our amazing daughter Brigid now lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her watchmaker husband and their cat. I'm a raging technophile who's also heavily into telecommunications, a voracious reader, seriously into role-playing and War/Strategy gaming, and hiking/camping. I do some calligraphy (partly for enjoyment, partly as eye-hand coordination therapy for my lazy-eye, partly to cover up how bad my prose is/was), and I write (among other things) special-purpose utility programs. I've studied Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Kai under the auspices of the Oregon Ki Society, and progressed up the belt rankings a bit. However I sustained a shoulder injury (partly due to my own stupidity and partly due to RSI) and elected not to risk further damage, so I've set that aside (for now).


Is There More?

I'd be a pretty shallow fellow if there weren't, but anything more than what I've put here would get this censored pretty heavily [evil grin], so this is all you'll see publicly posted by me (for a while).

However, if you're feeling brave, you can try your hand at translating my v3.1 Geek Code (which is subject to change at a moment's notice):

Version: 3.1
GCS/CM/CC/IT d+(--)@ s-:+ a C++(+++)$>++++$ USLHO++++$ P++>+++
L++(+++)>++++ !E W++(+++)$ N+(++)$ o>++++ !K w--- !O !M V-- PS+ PE 
Y+(++)@ PGP+(++) !t !5 !X R+(++) tv b+++(++++) DI++++ D--- G+(++)>+++ 
e>++ h---- r+++ y++++

boa: n.

   Any one of the fat cables that lurk under the floor in a dinosaur pen.
   Possibly so called because they display a ferocious life of their own
   when you try to lay them straight and flat after they have been coiled
   for some time. It is rumored within IBM that channel cables for the 370
   are limited to 200 feet because beyond that length the boas get
   dangerous -- and it is worth noting that one of the major cable makers
   uses the trademark `Anaconda'.